Does Your Flashlight Float?

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    When we discuss survival supplies, having a light source frequently makes the top of the list. No one wants to be fumbling around in the dark unaware of what is around them, so it is good to have a means of lighting up your immediate area. There are many ways to do this and many types of flashlights available, so in which ones do you put your faith? What is most important, brightness or battery life?

    There are surprisingly many things to consider when selecting flashlights. The lifespan of a good light is very important, as is having access to the batteries that will keep it running. You also want something that does a good job of illuminating the things you need to see and several bulbs are offered for this purpose. Flashlights have evolved over the years, so if you have old ones in your stash, consider upgrading. For years I kept a huge flashlight in my truck that was cutting edge when I bought it, but now it can be easily outshone by LED flashlights, hence it being replaced with one.


    Something else to consider that seems to come up far too rarely is performance of flashlights in various weather conditions. Specifically, does your flashlight float? To some this seems like a pointless feature, and sure enough, you may never need a floating flashlight if you do not live near water or in an area affected by flooding. However, if you live in areas subject to heavy rain fall or near rivers that top their banks frequently, a floating flashlight could be your friend. Don\'t dismiss hurricane flooding either; water rushes in quickly and many hurricanes make landfall at night, when depending on a flashlight to see your way out will be very necessary.


    There are many brands and types of floating flashlights. They come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate all sorts of users. Many also come brightly colored which makes them easier to spot if you drop them in water. Speaking of dropping them, rushing water could easily sweep your flashlight away, so tying a piece of paracord to it and adding a carabiner that can be snapped to your belt is wise to keep your flashlight from drifting away when you need it most. Having a floating flashlight may seem like just another little thing to worry about, but keep in mind it is the little things that will often keep you alive.

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