Civilization anyone?

  1. Caseyboy
    An Opinion.

    Much of what we know will be lost if a major shift happens in most societies. People get so enmeshed in trying to survive from day to day simply to get by. We go about working in the trades, in business and factories, and we forget our technology, simply stated, we take them for granted and much more which took hundreds if not thousands of years to develop. It gets set aside in our senses because it isn’t that important. We take it as a given. Of course, surviving is the most critical criteria if anything major comes down we will all be trying to stay safe and getting enough to eat which will take precedent over all else.

    When Rome fell, it lost much of its technologies, and the trades themselves. Most trades were learned from a master technician or tradesman, and through an apprenticeship which could last for years. It is well documented, most of the master’s underwent apprenticeships such as Leonardo DaVinci and Michael Angelo and other greats during their youth. After Rome fell, eventually the tradesmen died and didn’t pass their skills on to others. The skills and secrets which took a lifetime for them to learn ended during that turbulent time. As a result, two or three generations later, most of the trades were lost. Much of the technology was dissipated as well because those who knew how things worked died too.

    Medicine, engineering, navigation, mathematics, science, hydraulics, irrigation, farming principles, carpentry, stone masonry, shipbuilding, and many more disciplines were lost. Those disciplines had to be relearned by people later. We don’t know for sure what all the man’s learned trade secrets were and then lost, but it was substantial. The world fell into a period called the Dark Ages, and that time frame lasted more than a thousand years. Slowly, beginning in a serious way toward recovery starting about 1200 AD, men began again to learn, and it took the next five hundred years to catch up to where they once were when the age of development stopped.

    However, many arts and knowledge of so many things were lost forever when civilization was destroyed in the known world. Today we guess as to how the ancients did many things. Secrets lost to us such as building the pyramids. How did they lift stone blocks that weighed many tons into place without internal combustion or steam powered engines? Nowadays, we guess about how it was done. But that’s all it is, a guess. We don’t know because nothing was written down to describe how they did it. At least nothing has been found to explain these lost techniques.

    They had running water in their homes, in the ancient Mycenae’s, in Rome, and Egypt. The Mayans were able to channel entire rivers under their cities to have ready access to fresh water and sewage disposal. They understood the concepts of irrigation and bridge building. It was all lost one day those many years ago in Europe, and elsewhere and I sometimes wonder if much of that technology wasn’t lost before the fall of Rome in another era when something big stopped mankind in its tracks.

    Ninety-five percent of all the scientists that have ever lived in recorded history are walking around right now. That should tell you something. The bubble is about to burst again, and this time it may thrust us all into another Dark Age. It doesn’t have to be a nuclear war, it can be economical disasters as well as droughts, no food or water for a long period. One entire growing season on the earth not fulfilled by harvests will take people into a savagery unknown to most of us. A few incidents have been documented but with a few sketchy stories not much more. People in Borneo and the Amazon Rain Forest might not feel the effects as much. Civilized society, however, will suffer terribly because they aren’t as self-sufficient as jungle people are.

    Remember, we live on a fragile planet. Our lives are wrapped around so many aspects of what the masses are all about, and two things have always made things difficult; Organized Religion and Government. More people throughout the ages have died because of a difference of opinion or a philosophy pertaining to how we should be governed or what we should believe in than anything else.

    We all recognize that there must be personal and spiritual rules we must abide by. It is well understood living in a civilized society makes us accountable for what we do, so most of us try to follow the various regulations laid down. We also live in a world where choices are what makes us what we are. Everyone has the right to choose in what direction we as an individual will take our unique destinies. It behooves us all to choose correctly because much of life is all in what we select for ourselves.

    Technologies may have come and gone throughout the ages, but some modern miracles we call technology has helped us live a better and more comfortable life. Remember present technology as you prepare for that which may well be coming at all of us. It isn’t just about food, water, and shelter. It is about living and living as well as we can manage. It would be a terrible tragedy to lose our current day level of know how. We owe it to future generations to preserve whatever we can pass on to them. Otherwise, we could be relegating them to living in leaf and grass covered shelters as the people did during the last Dark Age in Europe. During that time people forgot the world was round. Ignorance will be followed by superstitions. If you collect How To books you will be ahead of the game.


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