Civil War is Coming to America

  1. Caseyboy
    At this late date it is inevitable. Because of a number of factors that are ongoing in the US President Trump will most likely be the last Republican President to be elected to office in the near future that is, until the next Civil War has run its course.

    Here is why:
    Illegal Immigration is one of the major catalysts that will end a free and legal election in America. The deck is being stacked right now to make sure the Democrats will win from now on. They will steal every election in the US once Trump is out of office and the only way that will end the Democrats is going to be a war. They will lose that war, but they will cheat, steal and pull every dirty trick they can think of out of the proverbial magic hat to make it happen before they are stopped by the people.

    The left are telling you right now what is in store for you and me once they have the power. Gun confiscations, open borders, abortion on demand regardless of the age of the child. That will include the elderly who are of no further use, and they cost too much to maintain. Pedophilia legalized. Perversions on a scale we have yet to witness and it’ll be legal. No more God in anything. Churches will be boarded up unless they preach the government message. Free speech will end, and it will be replaced with what the Government decrees is now Free Speech. The next major conflict will be a false flag manufactured event to focus everyone’s attention away from what they are doing to the citizens here at home.

    The left will start it, but they will lose. There are some big reasons for that. Statistics can always be manipulated by anyone to make a point but when it comes to guns and bullets the following are pretty solid. Also, and very important, guns we all know do not kill people, people kill people. It only takes 10% of a population to pull off a revolution that will take down an established government. Right now, there are numbers that exceed those minimums.

    During the Revolutionary War 70% of the population stood by and did nothing. They remained neutral. Currently, 30% of the population in the US would support a revolution to stop their own government. That’s how discontented people in the US are right now. This is how I know this to be a true statement. 65 million people voted for Trump in 2016. That represents 27% of the adult population of the US. 10-15 million people in America have alt-right views and beliefs. 10-15 million of these people are white men, with alt-right beliefs, and are between the ages of 18-50 years old. They are armed, with better small arms than the military has, they spend more time at the rifle and pistol ranges than does active duty military personnel and spend a lot of time out in the woods camping out and doing outdoors activities. The military has artillery and nukes but they won't use those weapons on their own population. It's going to be a guerilla war.

    250 million people have guns in America. There are estimated to be more than 8 trillion bullets spread among those 250 million. A great deal of these people voted for Trump and are conservative.

    There are 2 million military in total. 1.3 million are active duty and a million are in the Navy at sea, in the Air Force on bases all over the world, the other 300,000 men and women are what we would call boots on the ground in the US. The rest are all over the place. 83% of those are men, 56% are white men. 44% are non-white and 17% are women.
    There are 20 million former military veterans. Most of those are men and most of those voted for Trump.

    There are approximately 750 thousand Police Officers in the US. That means 2 officers for every thousand people. What that leaves are around 1.75 million total police if you include the alphabet Federal Officers and civilian police all lumped together as a group that we would assume would be on the side of the left if a war broke out in America. Versus 50-60 million-armed Trump voters including 13-15 million-armed former military.

    Most of the military voted for Trump, and they are usually conservatives by and large. They go into the military with the mind set they are defending their homeland, mom and pop, sisters and brothers, friends and neighbors. They aren’t going to turn on their own people. Some will but not many. Those that do fire on their own will be fragged, which means, they will be killed by their own troops. It’s usually done by throwing a fragmentation grenade into a sleeping quarters while someone is asleep.

    What this means is the left are itching for a fight with the right, and they’re going to get one. One that they will lose, and it’ll be quick. Here are some reasons why they will lose. By and large the left lives in cities. While much of the right lives out in the country. Food is grown out in the country not in the cities. People out and away from the cities can do without electricity. It’s inconvenient but they can survive. People in the cities need electricity. It is the oxygen of a civilized society.

    Once electricity is cut off from the cities, a few over-passes have been taken out, the grocery stores will run out of food. Without electricity communications shut down. Water ceases to flow. The sewage system shuts down and so does garbage collection. Hospitals become overburdened. There is no longer 911. When the left tries to leave their cities, they will be easy pickings for snipers on the right. There will be no fuel either. People will begin to starve in the cities. Disease will begin to show its deadly self as people die in their homes. No heat either.

    The government will make an attempt, but they’ll be outnumbered even if they brought in the military. People will desert, sabotage will be rampant everywhere. The defections will be incredible. At least half of the active duty military will desert in the first 30 days. Those who stay behind will sabotage any efforts to subdue civilians. Even in the Federalized police forces there will be defections and sabotage as well.

    The left will lose because the left doesn’t have many guns. The conservatives do but the left doesn’t believe in them. The government will make a feeble attempt to stop things but will give up quickly. If the governments fear anything, they fear the people they govern. Foreign governments won’t intervene. They may offer military aid to one side or the other, but it will probably be to the obvious victors not to the losers, the left.

    When the war does come to an end, and it will. There will be hundreds of summary executions that will happen everywhere. The trees in public parks, and neighborhoods will have traitors hanging from the branches like fruit.

    I would tell anyone and everyone, get prepared because war is coming to America. You better have lots of food, guns, ammo, medicine and any specialty drugs to keep you alive. Times will get hard. Water will become as valuable as gold. It has to come. The left is telling us, they are screaming out their messages without any reservations, and they aren’t trying to hide it any longer. They are going to sink the ship of state and attempt to turn our Republic into a Marxist/socialist gulag. Get ready folks, it is coming. Donald Trump will be the last conservative President we will have for many years to come. If you chose not to believe me, you will be one of the first casualties in the coming Civil War #2.


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