Are Race Riots on the Horizon?

  1. Caseyboy
    Part Two

    Remember this folks-

    When people get upset because there are no jobs, no food, no opportunities, no more gas for the cars, the TV’s get shut off along with the power because the country has gone bankrupt, and money is at a premium, there will be revolution. There will be race wars. It will be many different factions against many others. People will take out their frustrations on anyone or anything they believe is a root cause. The blame for the plight of those affected will be caste in every direction. That is how people are. Throw a stone in a pond and the ripples will radiate out in every direction.

    The public servants, in particular the politicians, have done it to you. They have squandered your vast resources on giveaways all over the world and you paid for it, all of it. They have demoted white people to a second class citizen status in an effort to right certain perceived wrongs. However, discrimination against any group is still discrimination. There are millions that resent it. In particular they have reduced white christian males to a ultra low class status in society.

    The US enacted laws in order to allow blacks to go to school with whites. The government told us that segregation was wrong and it was evil. They made the predominate population who were white to accept forced desegregation under the might of the National Guard who were armed. So, at the point of a gun the white population accepted a doctrine that was against the predominate beliefs of the majority of the population of the time. Remember that sentence. At the time. Today the blacks are practicing segregation and no one utters a peep about it. They have their own colleges, their own business’s, and their own brand of politics. The National Black caucus is full of Communist sympathizers, yet no one questions them about what they do. They recently went to Cuba to open those doors. You and I can’t do that. All expenses paid I might add.

    The minorities get preferential treatment for jobs, to get in to a University and various programs such as medicine which are selective and they try to only take the brightest and the best students. They are moved to the head of the lines in every avenue that you can name and yet there has been no Civil Rights Marches throughout the country since the late sixties. There are few and isolated discrimination cases that come up in the court systems these days and yet the shrill cry and hue of discrimination pops up all the time. There have been few or no actual discrimination incidents against blacks for a very long time and yet they throw it out anytime they can’t get what they want. For anyone such as me to even discuss it we are labeled “Racists.” It is another weapon to scare or intimidate us and for us to go along with their programs.

    Look around right now, the homosexual community are asking for preferential treatment because they are a minority. The blacks and Latinos do the same thing. Although women are not a minority they are a majority in America and yet have managed to wrangle a spot at the preferential status label as well. I have yet to figure that one out. Of course there are a lot of things I haven't been able to figure out.

    Once it becomes every person for themselves all of that social engineering will change because right now there is a majority of the people who believe in a fairness value. When there are few laws and people who are not willing to enforce them, it will crumble like a house of cards. The entire country is so polarized with one group pitted against the others right now and it is incredible.

    Hard times will ignite civil disorder and people will not be nice to each other when their children and their older relatives such as Grandma and Grandpa begin to die from slow starvation. People can afford to be nice to each other right now but when times get real tough that will not endure as a social cause. Very slowly, and it is already happening, it will come about with the poor first and spread from there as if it were a virus.

    As long as people have enough gas in their car, a bowl of popcorn to eat while they watch the Super Bowl on a super big TV, and they are relatively comfortable, things will go along as usual, but when society truly begins to break down on a wholesale level, watch out. People will take their vengeance out on anything or anyone they perceive as a cause of their misery.

    Hitler played that race card when he painted the Jews as the enemy of all the people. After awhile if Jews were disappearing no one cared. People raided their vacant houses and helped themselves. Countries took their money, their furniture and jewelry and kept it. People kicked them to death in the streets and all of this was done with immunity. If the blacks don’t stop screaming about their rights and keep demanding preferential treatment at the expense of other classes of people losing their own individual rights, I see a parallel to what happened to the Jew in Europe happening in the US. I see a race war on the horizon in the US and I believe it will happen sooner than any of us imagines.

    Two major events are on the horizon-One is a revolution when the people take steps to rightfully regain ownership of their country and they make a massive effort to expel a standard of double speak and a doctrine of unfairness that prevails in the US today it will get downright ugly.

    If anyone reads this and wants to label me as a racist you are absolutely wrong. I believe any subject that has merit should be a topic of discussion without threats because of what they say. It is after all only an opinion. People have become so insensitive to what they say to each other it has become a curse on free speech. Free speech isn't if we cannot reasonably and logically debate a topic without being called vile names. Incidentally, did you know the word "Racists" comes from? It comes from the Alinsky handbook for radicals.


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