Are Race Riots on the Horizon?

  1. Caseyboy
    (An observation and an opinion.)

    Part One
    If you haven’t been watching what has been happening in the black population over the last twenty years in the United States, I’m guessing you have been in hibernation somewhere. I think if anyone is discounting a race war in the US they are counting on a hope, rather than anything resembling fact. The majority of blacks subscribe to the Rev Wright propaganda, that it is them against us. Most white people understand that or, at the very least are beginning to see it for what it’s worth. Unfortunately, it has been building since 1968 and will continue, because the blacks see white people as weak and gutless. They truly believe they are superior in every way. Physically, mentally, they believe they are the personification of the "Night Fighter."

    They believe they are owed by the white population, whatever that means. However they never seem to bring into focus there are no people alive today that bought or sold any of them and there haven't been any people involved in slavery in the US living for a very long time. That doesn't seem to matter, we still owe them the way they see it.

    I am not a racist, I am not a subscriber to racial strife or war but I believe it is inevitable. I think it will be short lived but violent confrontation and the bitterness that will be left behind will last a century.

    The blacks living on society’s benevolence are just another slave in essence. They are living a life as a different form of slavery, but servitude never-the-less. Why is that? Why would any normal person chose to live in a subsidized lifestyle by others, not owning a home of their own, accepting their daily bread from others and continually biting the hand that feeds them?

    What simply amazes me is the rhetoric between people who don't believe it is building and will explode. It already has numerous times in cities like Los Angeles and Detroit. This time it will be big and it will be bloody because the restraints will be taken off and people are going to adopt an attitude of, "Okay, if this is what you want, this is what you will get." That attitude will prevail. I think there are factions on both side of the race divide that are itching for it to happen. It will spill over into other races just like an out of control forest fire will consume homes and towns along with the forests.

    Too many blacks don't remember what it was like for them in the 40's, 50's and 60's. Since then things have gone the other way and they have been moved to the front of the lines, gotten preferential treatment for jobs, at the University levels, in the schools, and in business. They constantly play the race card when it seems like it will help them no matter what the current argument is. There are a lot of people that don't like reverse discrimination while there are some who simply have a hard time dealing with it at all. When the race riots begin, there is going to be forty years of hard feelings that will manifest themselves. I think there are those who are throwing gas on that fire because they want the strife and the terrible hatred that will come to pass. Along with the economic hardships that are also on the way. There are others too who are making a lucrative living off racial strife.

    I don't want to see it come to that but I think there is no other way for it to end. When the stress of no jobs, little food, government corruption keeps eating away at our rights, and those in government continue to steal and get away with it, it is going to explode and when it does the hot exploding liquid will spray in every direction. A lot of people are going to get swept away with it.


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