Are Americans Aware of the Damage Caused by Communism?

  1. Caseyboy
    I've noticed from many things younger people say these days, they don't understand history and they don't understand what has happened to America over the last forty years. This is a little long, but perhaps beneficial to those who don't understand what has happened in America before and after many of them were born. Perhaps if it is too long for some of you to read, for those that is the case, skip it. For those who want to know about what has changed and the detrimental effects that have replaced common sense, read on. I was a history major many years ago and it has been my experience from a long life when we don't pay attention to history it most certainly will repeat itself. I've lived long enough to have seen the changes that have happened in the US, and it is troubling.

    There was a time when patriotism was not only encouraged by the people of America, but it was practiced on a daily basis by most of us. As a product of the 40's and 50's I have seen the transition come from a great country to one of a mediocre country in my lifetime. From being the richest, to being virtually broke. It has not completely deteriorated yet, but it is on a fast track as I write this.

    As a kid there were different ways of looking at the times as compared today. We said the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag every morning in school at the start of the day followed by our teacher saying a prayer. We were in that moment, in a brief period of peace, and there were no large wars going on that had America's involvement. It was a relative tranquil time where baseball and football took headlines, and perhaps a new movie was being hyped. Television was relatively new and most of us back then only had one or two channels to watch. Radio was still in its heyday. We lived in the afterglow of the end of World War Two and the horrors that war brought to the world. It was short lived unfortunately.

    I think as I look back on those times, it was the greatest time to have ever been a kid growing up in America. It was an age of innocence, there was little pornography, and when you went to a movie there were no four-letter words being used after every other word. Out of wedlock pregnancy was a dire shame that brought rebuke from everyone. Stealing from your neighbors brought near banishment from your community. You might as well have moved away because no one would hire you or trust you again. Your grade averages were critical to getting into college. You either made it or you didn't. Cursing in public could bring down a beating from not only your relatives but from neighbors as well. There were consequences for our actions. Nobody had insurance on their homes and surprisingly, I don't remember any of the homes burning down.

    I remember going to the movies and there were always newsreels that gave a brief description of happenings all over the world and of course at home before the main feature was shown. Some of the topics were; people in Europe and China were starving to death, Europe was being rebuilt stone for stone and building for building. The Nazis were on trial for war crimes and the people of Berlin were being taken care of with an airlift that was flown by American pilots. Joe DiMaggio hit another home run in a game and was hailed as one of the greatest baseball players that ever lived, of course, there were other insidious headlines that appeared around this time, and most of us paid little attention to them at the time. Russia stole the atomic bomb secrets from us as payment for all the help we gave them during World War Two and up until they tested their first atomic bomb. We also fed them for years after that happened.

    North Korea invaded the southern real estate and was making war on those people in the Southern provinces. Soon, the afterglow of peace of the world, and especially that which the Americans were enjoying, was shaken to its core when American forces were driven to the sea's edge by Communist troops advancing from North Korea. General MacArthur rallied and of course that war finally ended on the 38th Parallel where it started. It seemed things were back to normal for a brief time. The fact that we were nearly driven into the sea by Communist troops shook people to their soles of their shoes.

    Many trains of thought dominated how we saw things and how we as a country tolerated most world happenings. For instance, during that brief interim, as America remained at peace, we took little notice of the vigorous enforcement the US Border Patrol maintained toward those who would invade American soil illegally. The average American felt a foreign influx deluging our society was not only wrong, but not to be tolerated. Anyone who had the audacity to say disparaging remarks about America or Americans would do so at their own peril. Patriotism was at a high and by and large people in America believed we were the best country in the world and the richest. We could not be defeated in war and we had everything we needed at home.

    It was true, we did have everything at home. Our logging industry was by far the biggest and best the world had ever known. Fishing was without equal and there was an abundance of marine delicacies to grace the American tables. Our farming nationwide had no peer and the abundance of food went out to feed the world. Shipload after shipload went to Africa, Europe, India, to China and Russia. Russia had a very short growing season and were constantly begging the US to send them more of everything we had. Money, food, butter and cheese and of course corn and grain. We manufactured everything that could be purchased. From pajamas, to shoes, pillows and bedspreads. It was made in America. That name was synonymous with the absolute best money could buy.

    We had factories that made everything imaginable right here in America. And so, it went for about a decade. Our people were working, and we were a prosperous nation. The things we needed and consumed were inexpensive. Gasoline was fifteen cents a gallon. A movie was only a quarter.

    One day our President decided to send advisors to Vietnam to teach the South Vietnamese military how to defend themselves. What that came down to was, we sent our money, knowledge, innovative technology, our people and the training they had acquired to a foreign land, to help them stave off Communism and to help them dig themselves out of poverty.

    We armed them and we sent troops to help them fight off the Communist from the North. We taught them how to fight to win. We saw what happened to a country a mere ninety miles away from our shores and what Communism did to not only that country, but to the people who lived in those countries. We were going to try to keep that from happening to another country called Vietnam.

    The peace of the world was again shattered, but this time, the more we committed troops and arms to a corrupt country, the more young souls we drafted into the military for cannon fodder. The more we escalated the war the more the American young rebelled against a government who made war on others for profit. For the first time on a wide scale basis Americans fled from their homeland to reside in other countries for safety against conscription. Patriotism was beginning to be less of a virtue than in years past. What most of the young wanted was peace and the freedom to play, party, make love, go to school and enjoy those freedoms we as Americans forgot about and took for granted what others from another generation gave their lives for.

    They weren't interested in getting blown up or maimed in a war that had no redeeming value for Americans. It was a war to stave off Communism from invading South East Asia, but it wasn't a high reaching goal for the Average young American of draft age. So, they rebelled against the Government, any authority in general, and we began to see hordes of people turning their backs on the very values that made America the great country that it was. They also recognized, war is a racket, used by many to make huge amounts of money with.

    In horror, Americans saw their young burning the American flag in public. They watched as the younger generation who had been spoiled by peacetime, living in a land of plenty, and protected by America's might, which protected them too, was to refute the authority they felt was infringing on their personal choices. Of course, at the time, no one reported those who were working these groups with Marxist philosophy and was offering money to impressionable youth to rebel against an unjust war. Thereby saving themselves from a war and the carnage that war brought to many American youths in years past. The mindset became so strong during this time, escalated by a war that appeared to have no end. It lasted ten long years.

    Many flag draped coffins came home, and the American public was once again stunned by the amounts of their dead youths coming home in boxes. Cut down in the flower of their youth. Also, we saw the men and women returning with missing limbs and horrible disfigurements. These scenes, and many more were burned into the minds of American youth.

    They went on later into the various fields in industry, education, law, medicine and the entertainment industry and of course, politics. What they did to the greatest country on earth was tantamount to treason on a scale never known before in America. The seriousness of that change in moral values and patriotism was the ultimate death knell to America.

    The Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto became a teaching platform to the teachers that came out of that era. It penetrated the mind set and philosophy of those who went into politics. It coursed through the thinking of a great deal of the American public, and it has not only bankrupted the US, it has brought Constitutional protection to all of us to a level which found us as a nation under the gun of a dictatorship of the Obama Administration.

    Our forefathers warned us of maintaining due diligence toward our freedoms. They said things such as,

    “In time of war the first casualty is truth.”
    Boake Carter

    "A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government, the liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors: they purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood and transmitted them to us with care and diligence. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men.”
    Edward Abbey

    And finally, we should remember the words of John Adams when he said, “Posterity: you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it.”

    Those statements weren't just words, they had meaning behind them and they had real deprivation that affected each and every one of them at the time as they were compelled to experience them.

    Today a dictum exists of an evil system that has invaded our country and it is killing our nation. It is a cancer that eats at the very organs of America. Like any cancer that feeds off the host and causes the host to die, it is killing our country with ideas such as; political correctness which is bastardizing our language, fairness which is being legislated, saving creatures that share our planet at the cost of human beings being deprived of jobs and lifestyles, giving our treasury away which was earned by working Americans, for Americans and is being used to assist countries that hate us with a vile contempt for who we are and our cultures, and to unchecked immigration that is dooming America for the ages. Because, at this late date, the effects cannot be undone of that brown tsunami which has overwhelmed our resources. The cancer that has infected America will die, but only after it has killed the host it infects first.

    It is hoped by this American, my countrymen and women will wake up before a cure of this evil disease can be instituted, and perhaps the only free country in the world can be rescued, and then saved from a death of our freedoms. It waits on the horizon to strike the final death blow. Hopefully we can cure this disease before we die as a nation and as a people.

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