Another Revolution is on the horizon?

  1. Caseyboy
    If we go back and study our own history, we will see that the last Civil War didn't begin immediately, it began when the North who had more Representatives in the House passed laws to cripple the South. They imposed tariffs on each slave in the South, raised the taxes on southern cotton, lowered the taxes on Egyptian and British cotton being imported, making the lives of southern farmers miserable. The North had more voters than did the South and that gave them more Representatives in the House. They controlled the House and kept pushing more draconian laws that would punish the South. It went on for fifteen years before Fort Sumter was attacked and began the Civil War.

    We are on the precipice of another war and this time I would call it another Revolutionary War rather than a Civil War. Civil War by definition is when the people cannot agree on who controls the government. When a major party disputes a legal election, and cannot accept the leadership that entails, it is time to change the entire government. That is a Revolution, and it will not end peacefully.

    Americans have had it fairly good for about a century in terms of the economy, freedom to travel, group together, an abundant "Horn of Plenty" in terms of food. Our commerce is widespread and mostly unencumbered. We have drinking water in our homes at the turn of a faucet, the flushing of a toilet, a garden hose. We have leisure that is unprecedented in all of history. People are free to work, play, visit, gather together, participate in a once civil and free election process, and we have been allowed our firearms largely unobstructed. Our pursuit of religion was not in question until an evil ideology came into being when Muslims were introduced into the country. Further, our largess of allowing "Freedom of Speech" to the masses gave us the Communist Party so some could argue it was better than Capitalism. Yet, nowhere in the world has Communism ever brought peace, happiness, and prosperity to any culture where it was introduced and allowed to cultivate.

    I believe because of what I've seen over the last fifty years has happened in America, we have been pampered by our vast wealth, a land of plenty for everyone. Even the poor in America have it better than some of the wealthy in other countries. Big-screen TVs in their subsidized housing, cars, and other vehicles clog our freeway and country roads. Because we had so much for so long, and that allowed us the leisure time to be bored or to pursue mischief for something to do. You'd have to be blind or stupid not to realize over the last fifty years we have allowed our freedoms to slip away from us. To be replaced by the various governments who have hijacked our rights but will sell them back to us for a price in the way of permits.

    Our courts have allowed the rich and powerful to skate away from the justice you and I cannot enjoy it, but they do, and they are blatant about it. Just look at the thefts Obama, Hillary, Biden, and so many others have gotten away with without so much as a slap on the wrist. Our system has become so completely corrupt it is no longer even debatable by anyone who has the capacity to see and hear what is happening to them and their country, and realizes, it is out of control.

    What can we do about this? It's obvious we cannot change anything by voting. Petitioning a court. Appealing to any member of Congress for any semblance of an appeal to address what they are allowing to happen to us and the country. They get elected and the primary goal once in office is to get elected to office the next time the vote comes around. They don't care about you; they care about themselves and each other mostly.


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