A Crossroad is on the Horizon

  1. Caseyboy
    We are approaching a crossroad in America

    There was a point in America where the watchwords were, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian.” There were many reasons for that. One being, and probably the most paramount of those, was the fact that Indians killed, butchered, and mutilated everyone including women and children. There was hardly a day that went by people found what was left by the destruction the Indians left behind them when they raided a ranch, farm, or small town.

    Most Americans back in that time frame were from European descendants, steeped in the ways of the European culture and the ordinary trains of thought. Back then Army’s made war on men, not women and children. Wars were fought by men against other men. The soldiers left the women and children alone.

    When the Buffalo were decimated, leaving the tribes that hunted them to starve, few people cared. When the Indians were slaughtered in wholesale numbers, not many people cared about that either. The reasons were because of their savagery. When entire tribes were left to struggle with scarcely little to survive on and they were reduced to eating their dogs, people laughed and commented, “It served them right.” That appalls most of us today because our thinking has changed with the times. Back in the days when bands of braves raided, pillaged, and butchered men, women, and children, it was a relief to know those “dead Indians” were never going to hurt anyone else.

    I see a parallel of the Indians and what their savagery brought to them in numbers that some would consider genocide, and rightly so. They were slaughtered, starved to death, and cheated. Bacterial warfare was used on the Blackfeet when infected individuals with smallpox were wrapped in blankets and when they died from the disease, the blankets were wrapped around healthy Indians. The atrocities were beyond counting they were so numerous. The hatred for the Indians was such there were few who cared what happened to them. Which brings me to the parallel I mentioned.

    The blacks in America were brought out of the jungles of Africa by other Africans and Arabs. They lived in dirt floor hooches, covered with branches, or animal skins. Their hygiene was despicable, to say the least. Flies and other insects swarmed around the bodies of the children and adults constantly. The women burned animal dung in their cooking fires. Their birthrates were astronomical because the death rate of the newborns was incredibly high.

    Yes, they were slaves. Yes, they were forcibly brought to the US in ships by slave merchants. Yes, slavery was legal at the time. Yes, people were treated unfairly, and yes, it is a blight on American history, but it was a legal enterprise and still is in the Arab world. Who then is to blame?

    Let’s start with the tribesmen who sold their own countrymen into bondage for a profit. Not only did they get rid of their enemies but made a handsome profit at the same time. Who were the principal brokers? It was Arabs then and now. Most of those Arab brokers were Muslims then and now, yet blacks are drawn to the Muslim religion like flies to honey. Most usually it comes from the prison systems where young blacks are indoctrinated into the world of Allah. Since backs represent around 70% of all jail and prison inmates in the US. One would want to ask why is that? Probably it is because Muslims hate Christians and Jews with a vile hatred that they scarcely hide from the rest of us.

    The egregious crimes such as indiscriminate looting being committed against white people currently in the US are going to come back to decimate the black population in America. When they burn our cities, the small businesses to the ground, other private property as well, people will strike back. The attacks physically on white people, and when these incredible crimes go largely unpunished, the white population is going to tire of this nonsense. They will begin to treat the blacks as they did the Indians long ago. They will turn on them with a vengeance and once this retribution begins, there will be no power on earth that will be able to stop it. What the blacks have unleashed onto themselves is the opening of Pandora’s Box. They will release a vengeance much like what happened to the American Indian, and the call that will resound from north to south, east to west will be, “The only good black is a dead black.”

    Those whites who are promoting this violence are going to be hunted down along with the blacks and they will be killed in numbers that will go down in our history books later as a blood bath. Few will escape the retribution. The reason the people will hunt them down is that these people encouraging and aiding and abetting the blacks don’t believe there are consequences for what they have caused and created. The police will not interfere because they have been singled out to be the enemy, and they will not help to put a stop to it.
    Just my humble opinion of what I see and what I predict will come to pass soon. You cannot piss into the wind or tug on Superman’s cape. You will always lose when you pick a fight with a superior force. Seldom does a continuous bad deed go unpunished for long? Call it what you will but always remember, goodwill eventually conquer evil.

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