35 Reasons You Need Bandanas

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    Do you have bandanas in your survival stash? If not, you should! In addition to being small and easy to carry, bandanas are cheap and serve multiple purposes. If you don\'t want to carry your bandana in a pocket or bag, you can wear it instead. Either way, being sure to have a bandana is in your best interests. Here are 35 reasons why:

    1. Bandanas make great hats to shield the top of your head from sunburn. Whether you have a lush head of hair or are more on the aerodynamic side, protecting your head from sunburn is essential. Even something as simple as a part in your hair can burn badly.

    2. Wear a bandana as a scarf to warm your neck in the cold and prevent it from sunburn in the heat.


    3. Use it for other forms of sun protection as well, such as makeshift sleeves or to shield your face when napping.

    4. Tie a bandana around your noggin as a headband to keep sweat from running down into your eyes as you hike, work, etc.

    5. Tie it around your face as a face mask and to protect from dust or smoke inhalation.

    6. Bandanas can double as ear muffs to keep you warm or when you are trying to get some shut eye while your watchmen listens to the radio.

    7. Keep your pants up with a bandana belt!

    8. Makeshift socks can be made from bandanas in the event your socks need replacing.

    9. Cut a bandana into strips and make shoelaces.

    10. If your shoes start to get uncomfortable, add cushion with a bandana insole.

    11. Messy eaters can benefit from a bandana bib.

    12. Blindfold folks as needed with a bandana. When/where/why is strictly up to you and at your own personal and hopefully legal discrection!

    13. Bandanas make great handkerchiefs for when it comes time to blow your nose.

    14. Fire can be created with a match and a bandana.

    15. In the absence of a towel, use a bandana.


    16. If your teeth are getting grimy and you have no way to brush, wrap a bandana around your finger and have at it.

    17. Place an injured arm in a bandana sling.

    18. To stop bleeding, create a bandana tourniquet.

    19. In the absence of toilet paper, use a bandana.

    20. Wrap sprains and strains with a bandana for support.

    21. In the absence of female sanitary products, use a bandana.

    22. Bandanas are great for use in poultices.

    23. Make a hot or cold pack with a bandana.

    24. Collect water by allowing a bandana to absorb it.

    25. Strain water by using a bandana.

    26. To bathe, use a bandana as a washcloth or sponge.

    27. Use a bandana as a signal flag.

    28. When traversing new trails, mark your way with a bandana.

    29. Wrap leftover food in bandanas.

    30. Handle hot cookware with a bandana potholder.

    31. Sling your weapon over your shoulder with a bandana sling.

    32. Make a small sack for carrying items with a bandana.

    33. Out of plates? Eat off of a bandana!

    34. Subdue light emitted by flashlights by covering the end with a bandana.

    35. Wrap hands in bandanas during manual labor, when climbing, or during other hands-on activities to avoid the formation of blisters.


    For the little bit of space a bandana takes up, it is absolutely something you should have in your BOB. Other good places to stash bandanas are around the house and in your car as well as on your person whenever possible. A little bit of cloth can go a long way, so get out there and acquire some bandanas today!

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