15 Uses for Coffee Filters

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    Certainly you are aware of how useful coffee filters are for making coffee, but have you ever pondered whether or not they could serve a dual purpose? How about 15 purposes? Many things we use every day can be used to achieve different goals and get other jobs done. Coffee filters are very much one of those multi-purpose items in your cabinet waiting to be used for something other than a cup of Joe.

    1. Makeshift plates or bowls can be made with coffee filters. This will be most useful if you are eating dried goods or something that will not soak through the filter. Bowls and plates can also be re-used, and can also be used to feed dry food to a pet.


    2. Filter water with a coffee filter. Even if you have an actual filter, you can start the process with a coffee filter to give more longevity to other filtration systems.


    3. Use it to sprout seeds. To do this, dampen the filter and place seeds inside, then put the filter in a Ziploc bag until they sprout. This can be done with garden seeds or seeds you intend to consume directly.

    4. Coffee filters make great rags since they are lint free. This also makes them great for cleaning glass surfaces, as well as eye glasses.

    5. By placing a coffee filter inside of a cast iron skillet, you can prevent rust. The filter will draw in moisture, keeping it from damaging your skillet.


    6. Use coffee filters to start fires. The filter itself will burn but if you first use it to absorb oil from fried foods, it will ignite and burn more easily.

    7. First aid with coffee filters is also possible. Filters can stop bleeding on small cuts and prevent dirt and debris from entering cuts if you apply it as a bandage.

    8. To keep insects from getting into your dinner (unless insects are a part of your dinner-to each their own), cover food with a coffee filter.

    9. In a crisis, when there is no more toilet paper, hopefully there will be coffee filters...

    10. Use to filter seeds and pulp when making juice. If you are squeezing your own oranges for juice but don\'t want seeds in it, filter them out with a coffee filter.

    11. Store leftover food in a filter for convenient carrying. This will probably require some string to close it, but you have paracord, right?


    12. Recycle frying oil with a coffee filter but pouring it through and letting the filter catch any debris.

    13. Keep soil in potted plants where it belongs. To prevent soil from eroding out of potted plants, place a filter at the bottom of the pot before adding soil. This may seem minor but will be pretty handy when your vegetables start growing and you have plentiful food to eat!

    14. Use filters to make a cold compress. Soak them in cold water or put a few ice cubes inside to ease headache pain.

    15. Make a funnel for automotive (or other) purposes. Coffee filters can be shaped into a funnel by cutting off the end. Use for adding transmission fluid or to strain the last of the gas in a gas can so you do not pour sediment into your tank.

    When you consider the multiple uses for coffee filters, it makes good sense to have a stash of them lying around. They are cheap and can serve many purposes, so you really don\'t have much to lose by spending a couple dollars to acquire a package. Even if you don\'t find any uses on this list that appeal to you, there is always coffee!

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