15 Survival Uses for Empty Pill Bottles

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    Even if you aren't on a regularly on bunch of prescribed medicines, odds are you still have at least a couple of pill bottles somewhere in your house. Whether it was an antibiotic you were prescribed last year or pain medicines from that sprain or strain six months ago, pill bottles have a way of hanging around. Being that they are small, it is easy to set them off to the side and forget about them. At some point, your collection may grow to epic proportions, but that does not mean it is time to throw away those empty bottles. Instead, adapt them to serve a survival purpose.

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    Empty pill bottles, whether they are from prescription or over the counter medicines, can serve a variety of purposes. Their small size makes them easy to transport and their ability to seal out the elements makes them useful for keeping contents safe. Instead of disposing of these handy storage devices, remove the labels and wash them, then allow them to serve a new purpose such as the 15 listed below.

    1. A small first aid kit can be placed in a pill bottle. Stick some Band-aids inside along with other small necessities that you wish to keep dry, such as packets of antibiotic ointment, Q-tips, or cotton balls.

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    2. Keep your ammo in a pill bottle to prevent it from getting wet. This will also keep it together in one place rather than loose in your pocket or jingling around at the bottom of your BOB.

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    3. Create an easy to carry emergency fishing kit. Add hooks, lures, and lines to a pill bottle to keep those supplies together and to keep from injury due to loose hooks.

    4. Glue a rock or a pine cone to the top and place an extra house or car key inside then bury the bottle, leaving only the rock or pine cone showing. This will keep your key safely hidden and unexposed to the elements.

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    5. Store matches in a pill bottle to keep them dry, together, and ready for immediate use when the time comes.

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    6. Place batteries inside for cool, dry storage and easy access when needed.

    7. If you have plans for a garden and are collecting seeds, keep different types separated in pill bottles so they will be ready to plant when the time comes, occupying little space until then.

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    8. If you have to write some information down, such as important contacts or medical information, store that list inside a pill bottle to keep it dry and safe from ruin.

    9. Store small amounts of personal hygiene supplies, such as soap or shampoo, in pill bottles to keep it from leaking.

    10. Keep money safe and dry in a pill bottle. Although money may be useless in a post TEOTWAWKI situation, you may still need it before the SHTF and you don't want it to disintegrate due to damage.

    11. Rather than having a loose piece of paracord floating around your pack or pocket and subject to pulls or frays, contain it in a pill bottle for safekeeping.

    12. Keep dental supplies, such as toothpicks or flossers, in a pill bottle. After all, it could be frustrating to ride out the apocalypse with something stuck in your teeth.

    13. Fill pill bottles with gravel, coins, or something else that makes noise, then string them together to make an early warning system to alert you when danger is approaching.

    14. Create a portable sewing kit with pins, needles, and thread and store it inside of a pill bottle. After the SHTF, you will need to get more mileage out of your clothing and being able to repair it can help you do so.

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    15. Drill a small hole in the top and use a pill bottle as a sharps container. If someone in your family uses needles, such as to control diabetes, those needles can be disposed of safely in pill bottles without fear of someone contacting one accidentally.

    There are many other uses for pill bottles that may suit your fancy, but there are also some things to consider. A popular choice is to store small snacks and candies such as Skittles or M&M's in pill bottles, but this has dangerous drawbacks in that kids may come to associate pill bottles with delicious treats and could possibly swallow something they should not. If you go on to use pill bottles to store another type of medicine, it is wise to make a label and write the contents on that label to eliminate confusion. Sharpie markers, despite being permanent on other surfaces, are not permanent on pill bottles and will rub off over time.

    Do you have any other suggested uses for pill bottles? Are they a part of your survival stash? Let us know in the comments!

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