10 Survival Uses for Pantyhose

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    Pantyhose are not just a fashion staple anymore. Believe it or not, pantyhose, which have for decades been worn under skirts and dresses to enhance the wearer's wardrobe, are good for much more than their original intended purpose. No, we are not talking about their unfortunate dual purpose as bank robbery attire, but instead a legitimate list of survival purposes that pantyhose can serve.

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    If there are no pantyhose already stashed somewhere in your house, it may be time to reconsider. In addition to being cheap to purchase and reasonably durable aside from the occasional run (which can often be stopped with a dap of nail polish, by the way), pantyhose actually do have a good many things to offer. It goes without saying that pantyhose can be used to carry items, but here are 10 other uses for them:

    1. Pantyhose are actually rather warm. Depending on your gender, you may not want to be caught dead in them, but if the time comes that a sacrifice must be made to stay alive, go ahead and don a pair beneath your regular clothes to add warmth to your wardrobe.

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    2. Take some pantyhose with you when it comes time to go fishing. You can create a makeshift net but stretching them over a branch that has a Y on one end, dipping this into the water to catch small baitfish or to help bring in a bigger catch already snagged on a pole.

    3. Pantyhose are very stretchy but difficult to tear or break. Yes, they will run, but minor runs will not harm their overall structural integrity. Because of this, they can be used in lieu of other forms of rope to secure items via tying.

    4. Along the same lines as tying, pantyhose make an excellent tourniquet to stop bleeding and can also be used to tie a splint in position.

    5. Store onions for a long period of time (usually up to six months) by keeping them in pantyhose. Simply place an onion inside, tie a knot, place another onion, tie another knot, and so on until you reach the end, then hang. Snip off onions with scissors as you need them for cooking.

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    6. Strain debris from water by filtering it through pantyhose, which will trap large particles and remove them from your water supply.

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    7. Protect yourself from pests by wearing pantyhose. Whether it is terrestrial pests such as chiggers or aquatic pests like jellyfish, keep them at bay with pantyhose. They also work as mosquito netting.

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    8. Pants falling down? This is a real concern as some individuals will be prone to weight loss after the SHTF. Keep pants up with pantyhose by fashioning yourself a belt or a set of suspenders.

    9. Starting a survival garden and in need of something to tie up plants as they grow? Cut pantyhose into strips and tie those tomato plants to stakes to help them flourish.

    10. If you are faced with airborne dust or dirt, breathing through pantyhose will reduce that which you inhale. They will not filter toxins, but will cut back on the amount of dust and dirt you inhale. Simply fashion a pair around your mouth and nose and breathe normally.

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    To some, pantyhose may seem like nothing more than a fashion accessory, but to those who know better they are one more invaluable survival tool. Do you currently have pantyhose in your survival supply stash? Are you thinking about adding some if not? Let us know in the comments!

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