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What aren't you good at?

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cbl long long time ago there was a daytime talk show , and they had a famous lawyer on, promoting his latest book ... a member of the audience stood up , like the audience was doing to ask questions, but instead just blurted out that her husband was a lawyer and worked all the time for his clients and never found time to write a book and Mr. Big Famous lawyer must be a lousy lawyer if he could find time to write books instead of taking care of his clients legal affairs.

To which the famous lawyer replied " Lady, I have never found time to do anything in my life, I have always had to make the time"

Mean while back in my world, I had, at one time ,one less than optimum Commanding Officer.. you probably know the type.. absolutely everything was top priority .. and nobody knew what he wanted them to do first.. so random things were getting done or not in a random fashion while the CO sat in his office doing reports or practicing his coffee drinking or whatever officers do .. I don't judge .. it's none of my business , so long as they keep their hands above the desk top. So one day I walked in to get my butt chewed about something that was a top priority that didn't get done because everybody was working on another top priority .. and I finally in my own defense simple had to tell the man that it doesn't work for everything to be a top priority, in fact it doesn't work to even tell people what your priority is or priorities are.. the only thing that works is for the commander to accept and understand that his number one priority is where he is and what he is doing at any given moment .. doesn't matter if he even thinks it is his highest priority or not.. by the mere fact he is present and engaged in something makes it , for all intents and purposes, his highest priorities .. so if he really wants his vehicles condition and maintenance to be his highest priority that morning he needed to get his butt down to the motor pool ( said in proper military manner with almost all due deference to rank and position, okay, a little frustration may have leaked out around the edges , it happens)

Anyway I found this to be true.. I have also found I get a lot of push back from folks who do not want to accept that their highest priority at times is playing a computer game. But like it or not where you are and what you are doing at any given moment is your highest priority .. it may be for a hundred different reasons and considerations, many of which you have never examined or thought about or realized.. it may be a thing , a conflict, between want to and have to or something you never really analyzed and it's just habit or what you always do ..

But like it or not , where you are and what you are doing is the currently most important thing to you in your day/ at that moment. Once you realize this truth... you probably start over thinking things and examining your life and how you spend your moments ( say moments to yourself instead of "time" ) after a while it gets to be automatic and less of an intrusion but it will change how you look at time and priorities. but be kind to yourself , remember, rest, relaxation, and taking care of yourself is a valid priority too.


J.R.R. Tolkien "I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, ... I love only that which they defend.”

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