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Do we discuss automated deterrents here?

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Originally Posted by drfacefixer View Post
I'm not joking about the squirrels. This just happened within a day after my post!

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Many homeowners have dogs for protection, but an Idaho man’s unusual pet proved to be just as effective when fending off a burglar.

Adam Pearl walked into his home on Tuesday and quickly realized something was wrong, KIVI-TV reports.

“I came in the front door and well I saw snow prints out in the front driveway going to the back of the house so I thought something was awry because no one usually goes through the yard,” Pearl told KIVI-TV.

Pearl’s pet squirrel Joey greeted him at the door, and then he started noticing that doors were open all over the house.

He went to his gun sage and realized someone had been trying to get in it.

“And I started looking at it and saw the scratches that are around the locking area and at that point I knew somebody was definitely in here messing around,” Pearl said.

Pearl called police, and just a few hours into the investigation, they returned with some of his stolen belongings.

The officer told Pearl that they found the suspect and were able to trace him back to the burglary because of the scratches on his hands and arms.

“She said while she was questioning the individual, he had scratches on his hands, so she asked him ‘Did you get that from the squirrel’ and he says ‘Yeah, (expletive) thing kept attacking me and wouldn’t stop until I left,’” said Pearl.

Joey is being hailed a hero, and he was rewarded with his favorite treat—Whoppers!
Attack squirrels!!! Why didn't I think of that!!!!


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Originally Posted by hiwall View Post
People that break into homes usually are not in the top section of the intelligence totem pole.
Yeah, we have far too many like that close to where we live and that's why we stay alert, as best possible.


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Originally Posted by hiwall View Post
People that break into homes usually are not in the top section of the intelligence totem pole.
You got that right!

I'm attempting to give a damn about all those "foreign nations" that are receiving U.S. Aid, but hate us anyway. It ain't workin'.

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folks.. if you are even halfway serious about this .. you talk to a local lawyer that specializes in armed self defense. The laws vary from place to place.. you need to know what you can legally do, what precautions you need to take, what signage, everything and what your lawyer needs you to do before during and after what you need to tell the police what you don't talk about until your lawyer is present, to give your lawyer the best possible chance of defending you in court

I have done this, I have a lawyer on retainer .. all the adults in my immediate family carry, I have hardened my house and I have discussed this in other threads and I carry self defense insurance.

several companies sell self defense insurance I think Second call is the best one for me and my family .

We are basically talking about your life or the life of loved one being at risk in any situation where you can legally kill somebody.. I know we are actually talking about property protection in this thread, but we are talking about possibly injuring a human being and in the case of the shop owner unintentionally killing a burglar. Heck, anybody can fall off a roof trying to break in and get hurt and if you have any prepared defenses or deterrents and some lawyers can turn it into you being intentional .. on the other hand you do not want to leave any legal defensive or deterrents on the table if you don't have to.

Get a lawyer use the law to your maximum advantage and then get insurance that can give you the ability to outlast any civil action and give you the best possible defense in court.

You wouldn't ( I hope) go into a fight for your life with an unreliable weapon iffy ammo and no training .. speaking of which getting the training and regular practice at self defense, armed and unarmed and with edged weapons or whatever you intend to use is what the pro's do. It's your life or the life of a loved one . assuming you survive in the first place.. can you live with yourself if you lose a spouse or a couple children because you went about this halfassed?

get a lawyer get real legal advice you can literally take to court get a real lawyer for court and get real insurance so you don't bankrupt yourself trying to save your life.

I don't in the general sense believe in defending property .. there is no property worth human life with the exception of deadly weapons .. I collect deadly weapons, I have responsibility not to let those out of my control nd into the hands of irresponsible people or criminals and I have a right to defend myself and my loved ones and others in general from grievous bodily harm. I will defend myself and my family to the utmost

basically I believe it is my job to defend my family and it is my spouses job and my kids job to provide suppressive fires and mark the target with tracers.

You see this all the time in movies .. the hero defends himself the police show up and the hero says I want my lawyer and hands the cop his lawyers card.

Now there are some common sense and practical exceptions to this in self defense... mainly telling the police you were in fear for your life and you shot the SOB in self defense .. denying you did it or refusing to explain anything means they have to approach it as a potential criminal act. they may or may not believe you but at least point them to the factors that support self defense they kicked in the door he had a gun it fell over there I was in fear for my life I want my lawyer and I need medical attention I have HBP or I have had a heart attack or or I don't feel well , try not to puke on anybody important.. I crapped my pants (which is highly possible) I need clean clothes

Wanted to add this take on what you say and don't say This lawyer/ self defense instructor has issues with the advice in the video.. I have a real good podcast around here somewhere that I can't find arrgh but here is a shorter printed version in the link above

Ahhh okay found it it's a rebuttal of the video above .. the video is gone but the podcast download still works I highly recommend it .

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