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Radical Change

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Originally Posted by BillS View Post
I don't understand the reference to Zionism. Zionism is not a religion. Judaism is a religion. Israel has a right to exist. They have the right to defend themselves. They don't commit atrocities like the Muslims do. Not only that, but the Jews are hated throughout the world because Satan hates the Jews and wants to destroy them. If Satan succeeded in wiping out the Jews then God would be a liar for saying that Abraham's descendants would be as numerous as the sand on the seashore and the stars in the sky. Israel is also hated throughout the world and condemned for phony human rights abuses by countries who practice real human rights abuses like all the majority Muslim countries in the world.

God gave the land of Israel to the Jews. At one time Israel had land from the Nile to what's now modern day Iraq. It wasn't a tiny country with half the land of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Rev. 3:9 Those who are of the synagogue of satan who call themselves jews but are not.

Also Jesus called them of their father the devil. Not all people who misuse the word jew are bad people but they will not disagree with them on matters either. Zion is not a people it is a mountain. Zionism is a religion that claims to be the elect of God and is using this to make Christians fight their wars to take over the world.imo. Gods war! Well God will fight His own war.

The House of Judah has never been a large group of people. So they cannot possibly be the ones with numbers as numerous as the sands or stars. That alone should prove these are not the seeds of Abraham you speak of. They are only 2 tribes of The Israelites.

The word jew means Judah and his brother Benjimen aka House of Judah. Both are Israelites but the other tribes are not jews they are from The House Of Israel. Neither one is any more special than any other Bible believer. Using the first books of the Bible today can be confusing.


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