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Originally Posted by NaeKid View Post
Now, as a "funny" story.

My aunt lives not far from where I grew up (the next town over). She put up bird-feeders on her wrap-around deck, hanging from the eves. Seems a bear thought that she put up bear-feeders and would eat the seeds.

She came out of the side door of the house, walked towards the front where the feeders were and found the bear sitting on the railing enjoying a snack ...

She screamed, ran inside.

The bear grunted and ran down the stairs ...

I don't know who was more scared, auntie or the bear.
This story is not too different from what I went throughmany years ago while hiking just upstream from Baker Lake in the Northern Cascades in Washington. A friend and I were a bit off trail and had run across a small avalanche where I chucked a few beers into the snow while he sat down leaning against a tree, I had walk over to the edge of the snow and was hearing some weird noises when a black bear suddenly came running straight at me. My reaction was to say OH, Sh!t and I run to the other side of a cedar tree (as if that was going to protect me), however at the same time I did that the bear made a left hand turn and ran up the mountain. Needless to say my heart felt like it was in my throat for a few minutes but I came to the conclusion that both the bear and I were equally scared by the encounter.

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Originally Posted by LongRider View Post
This I have no problem with but remember it is possible that you may piss him off instead of scaring him.

This here is pure BS and ticks me off to no end. We have a cougar lives up here. He is one of the neighbors I've seen twice in twelve years. We see our bears comparatively often. There are folks up here with small kids no one freaks out because he lives here or shows up on occasion. Unless an animal is being a direct active threat there is no reason to kill them just because they scare you. They were here first, its their neighborhood.

THANK YOU! Like you I appreciated Grimm's response and awesome pictures. That's the kind of folks that belong out here. Those that think it is OK to move into the neighborhood and start massacring all the residents because they are afraid of them are complete idiots. If folks can not get along with the original inhabitants of the land Please STAY OUT.
There are lots of manicured parks and residential urban areas with their cute fabricated Disneyland forested parks and fairy lands wilderness. For those kinds of folks to live.
Well I don't know what to say. I love nature and animals. I've lived here all of my life. I live about 2 miles from where I grew up, but on the same farm. So, no animal alive was here before me. (You know what I mean)
I stated that we don't have what I consider maneaters around here. But if my 5 year old granddaughter is playing outside and a copperhead snake is around, I don't just say, well it's a neighbor. We hunt it down and kill it. Other snakes are a different story (for the most part)
Is Roo just never going to be able to play outside by herself when she is, say 5 or 8? Or is that just a risk you take?
When we are outside doing stuff, which is pretty much always, I'm not constantly right beside my grand daughter. I don't ignore her, just not right by my side. The thought of something like a bear, or mountain lion being able to beat me to her is beyond me.
I guess growing up with that kind of thing would make you more used to it. We live on a farm and I get yelled at for "dangerous" things I let her do on her own. But nothing I can imagine like being bear bait?? I do have some citified friends that can't believe the dangerous things my granddaughter does, that are just normal things around here. So maybe I'm just overprotective of the most important thing in my life.

My opinion may piss you off
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Originally Posted by razorback View Post
For some reason my kitties start out kitten size but over time they start weighing in at 20+ lbs. Smoky the one that got me this time is right at 25lbs.
Bobcat are double, even triple that 40 to 60 pounds, the larger ones are around herein the north with the small bobcats staying in the south. I'd guess that the one that got me was 35 pounds maybe more, though he looked bigger because he was wearing his winter coat I know when he came flying up at me he was like that .22 barrel that looks like a .50 cal

Originally Posted by Grimm View Post
Here are the pictures I took of the bear...
Thanks for the share awesome pics . If I knew how I'd post my neighbors bear clip

Originally Posted by NaeKid View Post
Looks like you have a really calm bear from the pictures, any chance of putting a camera on a tripod to video the bear hanging out? I would love to figure out his "mood" when he is in your yard. From some videos, it could be possible to give you a general idea of what to expect from him (her - maybe).
How do you upload movies from your desk top? I have short clip my neighbor took of a regular visitor with his phone

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Originally Posted by LongRider View Post
How do you upload movies from your desk top? I have short clip my neighbor took of a regular visitor with his phone
This is going off-topic for the thread about a bear .. see reply at:
Its better to be naked with your friends than to be clothed with your enemies. -- Vance

Ready or not, trouble comes. Being prepared for it and having the right attitude to deal with the issues is what makes us prepared. Having stuff is just a bonus!

The problem with society today is that the people who deserve the beating are not given the beating they deserve.
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Cinnamon Black bears in California

Living With California Black Bears

"California has a large population of black bears. (ursus americanus), estimated at 16,000 to 24,000 animals. Black bears range in color from black to cinnamon ..."

"The only species of bears in California and Nevada are black bears. However, they do range in color from blonde to black, with cinnamon brown being the most common color in both states."

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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Ok, since the colour/race debate is still raging
Up in Canada some of our black bears are white

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Cudos on keeping your wits!

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Bears are cute

Everyday men who will follow orders to kill you, exercise. Do you?
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I grew up in the country, but bears were few and far between back then (70's-80's). My husband and I were "back to the landers" when we moved back to his families land 11 years ago (we have since moved closer to town since).

For a year before we moved I read and read about homesteading and country life and skill building etc. Our first winter I put out bird feeders and planned the chickens and garden. I also did a lot of reading about bears. Hubbies Dad had recently moved from the property and he told several stories about his close encounters with bears. One being coming home and a bear was lounging in front of the front door. It wouldn't move, and the house had no back door, so he left and decided to eat dinner out vs waiting the bear out. He was very careful with trash burning etc and never had any real issues. Some people in the area tell stories of bears breaking back doors and ransacking peoples kitchens, destroying BBQ grills, and breaking in basement windows.

My first bear encounter was at night. I had a new Pug puppy and I was taking him outside on a leash for his before bed "business" trip. I walked out the front door and was just zoned out while he sniffed and sniffed every blade of grass when a movement caught my eye. I only had the light from the kitchen window and I saw a 7-8 foot shadow under my peach tree. He was standing up pulling down my bird feeder. I yanked the leash, grabbed the puppy and ran to my truck so I could turn on the headlights. I'm not even sure it knew I was standing only about 7-8 feet away!!

I sat in the truck until I didn't see it, then I waited a little longer before going back into the house. I had just read about bringing in the bird feeder at night and made a mental note to get into the habit. Learned the hard way.

I saw the same bear off and on over the next 2 years. We would be grilling outside and it would wander under the apple trees, about 50 feet away. I would be on the garden swing and would see him walk out of the woods and cut through the yard. I never had fear of that bear past that first night, but I never set foot outside at night without a powerful light!!!!! I still don't go outside without a light.

However, that was the ONLY bear that was complacent. After that first two years the bears were more aggressive. They destroyed porches and doors of neighbors. My immediate neighbor (1/4 mile) had to replace his heavy front door when a bear tore it up. And then came the big year when we started losing chickens to bears.

It started one night when there was a weird noise, and we realized something was ripping up the chicken coop. Hubbie grabs the shotgun, I grab the spotlight and out we go. It takes off into the woods, but it punched through the coop roof and tried to "fish" for the hens on the roost. They were smart enough to jump off the roost and run away. But, the whole roof had to be replaced. About two weeks later a similar thing happened, but we had booby trapped the roof and I put some tins on it to make noise if anything messed with it. Once again we were outside in our underwear in the middle of the night. He got off a few shots and we heard it banging off in the woods.

We lost quite a few chickens, all of them in the middle of the day when we were at work. The neighbor about 5 miles away spotted a mama and 3 cubs and judging by the sizes of the poo in the yard we thought that she may be visiting us as well. Not a lot you can do when you have 60+ chickens free ranging during the day.

What changed everything was putting an electric fence around the garden. I baited it with peanut butter and we never had an issue with bears again. The bears would come out of the woods, cross the creek and into our yard, then they could turn and come up to the house and coop or go the other way and back into the woods. They always chose the house and coop until the garden fence went up. Then they would test the fence, get shocked, and return to the woods like a good bear.

The game commission was the most irritating thing to deal with. I was really tired of being told "Oh, they are just after the chicken feed" when the bears were leaving full 20-pound feeders and killing chickens!! We had bear traps brought in, and lots of poo around the traps, but no one ever took the plunge and climbed in.

I talked with one woman who was having issues with bears and one broke through her basement door, then broke through an interior door and smashed up a metal can to eat her dog food. The snotty game commissioner told her to "STOP putting out feed for the bears" and "She could get fined for doing that!!"

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. "

Benjamin Franklin

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Ok, ya'll have made me tell my bear story! This happened in 1960.

When I was 12 years old, my friend Mark and his father Joe and I went on a cross country trip all the way to the Rocky Mountains and throughout the western states.

We camped on the side of the road and cooked over a fire every night and morning.

When we could stay in a state or national park, we did so.

We went to Yellowstone National Park and stayed three days. We were assigned to a "primitive camping area.

After setting up our tent, we went to see some of the sights. When we returned to camp, I took a bow saw and when into the nearby forest to cut up some fire wood from a downed tree, (the collection of dead wood was permissible)

Separated from Mark and Joe, I began to saw on a large limb but heard something walking. It was a huge sow Grizzly and her two cubs walking right past me and into the camp.

I froze and I remember thinking how sharp the bow saw was but how large she was and how I wouldn't stand a chance if she attacked.

She walked on and went into the camping area and raided an open cooler at the camp next to ours, creating a pretty good commotion.

The next day we went fishing and had a good day. We caught our limit of three cutthroat Trout each.

We returned to camp and cooked six of them for supper. We placed the other three in an aluminum cook pot full of water on top of a picnic table, planning to eat them for breakfast in the morning.

During the night, the sow Grizzly and her cubs returned and she destroyed a Colman gas stove and took the pot with her. I found it the next morning at the edge of the woods , punctured with teeth marks.

We decided to stay one more day but to go ahead and pack up everything into the small trailer we pulled behind Joes Triumph sports car.

We had the tent down and folded on the ground when I heard a small child say puppy, puppy.

I looked over toward the camp next to ours and there was a little girl about two years old standing in the door of one of those small egg shaped trailers holding out her hand and looking toward the woods.

I looked toward the woods and here came the sow Grizzly and the two cubs at a very fast walk in her direction.

I yelled at Joe and ran to the child and shoved her into the trailer and shut the door. Her mom and dad were still asleep.

When I turned to see where the Bear was, she was still coming toward me and Joe had jumped right in her path with a small camp axe.

Mark was throwing everything he could find at the bear and in that instant I realized that Joe was going to be killed.

He would not run or step out of the Bear's path!

Then I remembered the first encounter when the bear raided the cooler.

It was sitting under the camp trailer door being used for a step into the trailer.

I grabbed it and pulled it away from the trailer and the bear veered away just as Joe came down with the axe.

I fumbled with the metal latch and got it open, dumping the contents on the ground.

The bear went for the cooler and I ran around the trailer back to the other side of our camp just in time to see Joe with his seventy pound hunting bow, (which he had removed from the trailer) he shot one arrow, (a blunt tipped arrow) and it buried it's self about eight inches into the hip of the bear.

She roared at her cubs and ran into the woods with them right behind her.

I ran to see where she was going and could readily see her trail through the pine needles.

About fifty yards into the woods, I found the arrow and started back.

I heard someone coming and thinking it might be a ranger, I ran the arrow up under the pine needles.

It was Joe. He had his bow and two broad heads.

He asked me why I chased the bear into the woods and I told him that it had his arrow sticking in its hip.

He asked me if it was still in the bear's hip and I told him that it fell out and that I had run it up under the pine needles when I heard him coming.

He grabbed me by the shirt collar and started me back out of the woods.

When we got back to the camp there were at least twenty people there, all arguing about whether Joe had done the right thing shooting the bear.

While the argument was going on, we packed up everything and left Yellowstone for friendlier places.

I have thought about this many times.

This is when I learned that the good guy doesn't always win. In fact most of the time he loses but if you want to be a good guy, you have to be willing to lose the good fight for the right reason!

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