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Oil lanterns

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Originally Posted by piglett View Post
stay & fight until you can't anymore.

Sounds like a good way to get dead real fast. Nothing in the house is worth my life once my family is out.

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I burn farm diesel because it's cheap and stores for years.
I also have hooks outside each window.
The light comes in the heat/smoke stays out.
Am I the only one doing this?


If you absolutely refuse to live could you please have the grace to die

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you can burn used cooking oil for lighting, it will smell like whatever was cooked in it. Ditto for used motor oil but it smokes something terrible. It is better outdoors, where the smoke can chase skeeters away. You can even burn crisco or solid fats, the lamps are not that hard to make. The only place I have seen a fat lamp (not an oil lamp) for sale was 'smoke and fire company' - they had a betty lamp for burning solid fats. Lehmans sells an olive oil lamp, but it is pricey - i'd rather make my own from recycled jars, thank you. They give off about as much light as a candle. At least it keeps you from bumping into things!

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Evoo burns odor and smoke free. Has a high flash point so it's safe. U can snuff out the lit wick right in the oil. An ounce will burn for ten hours or so

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As mentioned earlier, aladdin mantle lamps make a bright, white, light. The mantles also burn the fuel very effciently with very little odor. Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. is still in business. The new lamps are pricey.

If you're shopping for used ones get models 12, A, B(euro), C, 21, 23, or 23A.
The older model 11 and below not supported and hard to find parts for. Use #1 kerosene from a farm supply or the Aladdin refined lamp oil for the cleanest burn. Paraffin oil doesn't work in them.

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If we are talking about kerosene lamps one thing must be mentioned . There are different types of them and not every type can burn with every type of fuel .
The most efficient are tubular wick oil lamps and Aladdin brand lamps . Those do not smell bad .They have just a tint of odor and do not smoke the chimneys as fast as others ,but are specific and need knowledge to operate . Some heat up allot and must be treated carefully ,never overfilling and all ways using the right fuel(kerosene yes- and not anything that flashes bellow 140C) . The other flat wick lamps will consume little ,but will also have very small light output and IF you don't use n-paraffin fuel with them they will smoke very much . If you use "paraffin" (kerosene) they will burn brighter ,can be adjusted higher ,but will smoke .Using any type of vegetable oil on an oil lamp of the above mentioned might destroy it .It is too dense ,will not operate and clog the wick . Using diesel is dangerous ,since there are toxic additives that you don't want to inhale .
Vegetable oil CAN be used with an Argand Lamp and normal oil lamp .An Argand lamp is basically a tubular wick lamp with central draft chimney ,but the tank is positioned higher above the wick in order to ensure flow of the oil .

Any use of mineral spirit ,or gasoline is prohibited .The flash point of those is below 100C and it can easily catch fire and explode .

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lamp fuel, lamp oil, oil lamps, oil laterns

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